Spaulding Elementary

News and Announcements

Fourth Grade Musical

Fourth grade students did an incredible job at their musical performance "Around the World at Christmas Time" tonight. Thank you to Mrs. Mason for coordinating a beautiful program.
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JA Day in 5th Grade

Goshen HS students made a difference today at Spaulding Elementary. The HS students taught our 5th graders about what careers are in demand using the Junior Achievement materials.
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Third Grade Visits Venetian Gardens

Third grade students and their families from Mrs. Greenberg and Mrs. Kendall’s classes visited Venetian Gardens this evening to sing Christmas carols and pass out cards to the residents. The residents and families had a great time!
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Muffins with Mom

We love our Warrior moms! What a great turn out for Spaulding's Muffins with Mom event! Thank you to all the moms who were able to come out! A special thanks to PTO, parent volunteers, maintenance department, Chief Rose and the Goshen Township Fire Department for helping make this event possible.
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Life in Peru

Mrs. Amann's fourth grade language arts classes had guest visitors recently. The students read, My Librarian is a Camel, about how different countries struggle to have books due to different reasons, such as people living in remote areas or impassable roads. One student's parents and grandparents grew up in Peru, one of the countries mentioned in the book. Her grandmother is a retired teacher in Peru and currently resides there but came to Goshen for a visit! The family talked about what life was like in Peru in the past and present. The students learned about the schools, food, housing, technology use, geography, and much more. They brought the students a Peruvian dessert, Pionono, to taste. The students really loved this one in a lifetime experience. Thank you to the Villavicencio family for taking the time to share their knowledge and experiences in Peru with us!
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