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Classroom Rules



In order to maintain a classroom conducive to learning, we expect students to exhibit "Star" behavior by following these three basic rules: 


Take Care of Self 

Take Care of Each Other 

Take Care of Our School


Our behavior will be documented through our class behavior chart. Students will write his/her color in the agenda daily. If a student has a blue, purple, or red they will also list why their color was changed. Agendas are signed or stamped daily by me and should be initialed nightly by the parent. To earn extra recess on Friday a student will need to earn 4 stamps for the week. If a student achieves 5 stamps for the week they will receive a ticket. We will have a drawing on Friday. Names that are drawn will get to pick a special reward.

Please note that if a demerit is sent home this must be signed and returned the following day. If this is not returned (or a note written in the agenda stating this has been seen) the child will stay in at recess until the form is returned.


White - Exceptional behavior

  Green- Great Behavior

Yellow - Warning

Blue - 2 or more warnings given, must owe 5 minutes of recess

Purple - 3 or more warnings given, must owe 10 minutes of recess

Red - 4 or more warnings given, must owe all of recess, demerit sent home