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Homework Expectations

2019 - 2020 Homework Contract

Mrs. Strausbaugh, Mrs. Riley and Mrs. Harpring

I have read and understand the following expectations for homework this school year:

1) Students will have a ThinkMark to complete each week for reading.  It will come home each Friday and will be due the next Friday. Students will have practiced this at school and examples will be sent home.


2) Spelling, vocab and grammar tests will take place every week or week and a half.  Students need to be studying nightly.

3) Students will take a daily oral math test every Friday.  This comes from the morning work we do at school. Study tools for this will come home every Thursday.  This work needs to be reviewed.  

4) There will be a math worksheet to complete every evening Monday-Thursday.  This is always due following the day it was assigned.

5) There will other homework occasionally assigned.  Agendas need to be checked nightly for assignments and their due dates.

6) Friday folders will come home on the last day of the week.  Papers need to be looked at by parents and removed. An adult needs to sign that they received the papers. Always check for notes from the teacher.