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Team Handbook/Information




This year your child will have three teachers.  Each day your child will have Language Arts with Mrs. Amann, Math with Mrs.Shagena, and Science & Social Studies with Mrs. Drees. Mrs. Hayward will also be working with students in our classrooms.



The most successful classrooms are those in which the teachers have a clear idea of what is expected from the students and the students have a clear idea of what the teacher expects from them.  A well-ordered environment and high academic expectations produce the most effective classroom. Expectations are necessary to provide a safe and protected environment where a student can come to learn without fear.  The following rules will be used in our classrooms:




The following expectations will be displayed in our classroom as a reminder of ways to WARRIOR UP:





  • Follow adult directions
  • Be engaged
  • Use kind words and actions
  • Have materials ready
  • Complete your work
  • Leave no trace of your visit
  • Ask 3 before me
  • Know when to report problems and when to solve on your own
  • Know the difference between tattling and reporting


Students can earn tickets individually and as a class for showing expected behaviors.  Those tickets will be placed in a class bucket for class rewards as agreed upon as a class, such as extra recess or lunch with the principal.  


While teaching students to be respectful, be responsible, and be problem solvers, we know students may not always make the best choices.  When this occurs, students will receive a checkmark. Three checkmarks in one week will result in a THINK SHEET. This will be filled out by the student and sent home along with some type of communication from the teacher.  Three THINK SHEETS will result in an OFFICE REFERRAL.



The Spaulding Elementary homework agenda is used as an aid in developing good organizational skills in our students.  The agenda also includes pertinent information concerning Goshen Schools.

Homework is an important part of your child’s academic growth.  It not only enhances curriculum, it teaches students to follow directions, manage time, and to begin/complete tasks.  In addition to teaching students the skills they need to become successful, independent, motivated adults, it provides you, the parent, a daily opportunity to be involved in your child’s education.

Homework will be assigned most weeknights. Reading will be a choice board, due every Friday. Once a month, students will be given a geography map. They will receive the assignment at the beginning of the month, and it will be tested on at the end of the month. Occasionally, there will be assigned projects that your child will need to complete. You will be informed of these assignments well in advance, and your child will be given ample time to complete them.

Homework assignments are written in the students’ agenda each day. All necessary papers will come home in the homework folder in the binder. Please sign or initial the agenda each day after checking to see that your child has completed each homework assignment. The binder travels back and forth with your child each day and should not be forgotten at home or school. We expect all homework and class work to be turned in on time. Students will not be allowed to call home if they forget their work. Students should pack their book bags at night with all the materials needed for the next day. Organization is the key to success!

Students who complete homework prior to arriving at school every day during the week will earn a ticket on Friday for the class reward bucket.  If your child misses a homework assignment, he/she will not earn a ticket and will receive a Be Responsible checkmark.  



Each week a new student will be selected as the “Warrior of the Week”.  We have a special bulletin board designated to display items that your child can bring in.  This allows students to share exciting things about themselves. Everyone in the class will get the opportunity to become “Warrior of the Week”.  A warrior packet will come home with more detailed information the week before he/she is selected.



Graded papers will be sent home every Friday in a “Friday Folder”.  It is important that you review the work that your child does. Helping your child correct errors will be a beneficial activity.  The goal is to always keep you informed of your child’s academic performance. This eliminates “surprises” when you child receives his/her report card.  This folder will also include any important papers from the office that need to go home.

Please sign any papers that are marked and have your child return the emptied “Friday Folder” to school on Monday.  



Students may bring  a healthy snack that fits inside a sandwich-size ziploc bag as well as a water bottle.  They will be permitted to eat the snack during second switch.



Students will need to keep a bag/box of supplies at home to be used for homework and any projects.  This should include pencils, notebook and plain white paper, scissors, protractor, glue, ruler, colored pencils, fine tip markers, and a stapler.



Please log onto our website each week at to see what is going on in your child’s classroom.  Click on Spaulding Elementary, staff, and your child’s homeroom teacher.  If you need to contact us, please feel free to call the school at 722-2225 or email us at:


Mrs. Amann:

              Mrs. Drees:

              Mrs. Shagena:

              Mrs. Hayward:


Together we can make this a successful year for your child.


Mrs. Amann, Mrs. Drees, Mrs. Shagena, and Mrs. Hayward


Warrior of the Week

MONDAY: Sharing Sack - Please help your child collect special items from home with which to fill a bag and send it to school with your child on Monday to share with his/her classmates.  Try to encourage your child to choose items that have some sort of meaning rather than just a collection of toys.


TUESDAY:  Favorite Book - Your warrior brings one of his/her favorite picture books to read to the class (or have the teacher read it).


WEDNESDAY: Parent Letter -  Parents, you will write a letter to the class telling us how special your child is to you.  The content of the letter is up to you, but you may want to choose from one of the following ideas: describing special or funny stories about your child, writing a silly/serious poem about your child, telling us some of the neat things we may not know about your child, etc. Send the letter in a sealed envelope to school with your child, and I will read the letter to the class.


THURSDAY: Lunch Buddy -  If possible, join your child for lunch in the cafeteria on this day.  You may also invite a sibling or favorite relative to be your child’s lunch buddy if you are unable to make it.  You can bring lunch from a favorite restaurant or order lunch from the school.


**The events planned for each day can be swapped in order to accommodate your personal schedule.**