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Grading Policy

Grading Scale!

A - 90% - 100%

B - 80% - 89%

C - 70% - 79%

D - 60% - 69%

F - Below 59%

Grades will be updated by Monday of each week. Please check Progress Book to stay informed on your child’s progress. 
Students have the option to re-complete any classwork or homework, including missing work within the time frame of each quarter that he/she wants to do. This does not include tests and quizzes. All re-completed or missing work needs to turned in to Mrs. Amann, 3 days prior to the end of each quarter to be added and changed in the gradebook. Students will receive the new score on the assignment. The purpose of allowing students to change work is to encourage students to go back and look over mistakes, errors, or misunderstandings on their work to improve understanding for the next time!