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Welcome to Fourth Grade-Room 400

Welcome to my web page!

TEAM: teaches Language Arts, Mrs. Drees teaches Science and Soc. St., I teach Math, and Mrs. Hayward is  the Intervention Specialist.

Friday Folders will be coming home weekly unless the newsletter states it will not be sent home. When the folder comes home, please spend a few minutes reviewing the graded pages with your child, and have your child return to school no later than Wednesday of the following week.

SPELLING: A spelling list will be printed weekly on the newsletter.  Please watch it for testing dates!

READING HOMEWORK: Students are required to read nightly for 20 minutes and complete a choice board about what they read.  

A  WEEKLY NEWSLETTER-will be coming home weekly for you to keep posted! It will contain what will be happening in each class for the week, vocabulary lists and dates of tests, as well as upcoming dates of importance for the next couple of weeks!

AGENDAS: Students have been given an agenda to record all homework assignments each day. I check these daily to ensure all homework is written in them. Please feel free to also use this as a method of communication with me as well as the telephone and email.

HOMEWORK FOLDERS: Students have a  folder in their binder with their agenda which should contain all of their homework each night. Please be watching for this folder as well as the agenda for complete homework information. WORK ON THE SPELLING AND READING EACH NIGHT!  It cannot be completed in one evening!