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Welcome Page

We have been extremely busy in the Guidance Department. This year will be another great year at Spaulding Elementary! Here are a few important things currently going on: If your child is currently on a 504 Plan, please contact Mrs. D'Orazio as soon as possible to update these. 504 Plans are one year plans and expire at the end of each school year.
Having a child that hard to get started in the morning? Parental encouragement is so important. Have your child lay out what they are planning to wear the night before, pack lunches, get book bag ready and discuss breakfast options. This allows for the child to be prepared for the morning and allows for a smooth start.
Homework Issues? Allow your child to relax a little after school and have a snack. If they are tired and hungry, homework can be a struggle. Are they feeling restless during homework? Have them work standing up or work for 15 minutes and take a break for 5 minutes then come bcd for 15 more minutes. Struggling academically? Write down or keep notes on things your child is struggling with to discuss with your child' teacher or to work with your child at a later time.

If you have any questions or concerns feel free to contact me or 513-722-2225

Have a great day and remember the best way to cheer yourself up is to cheer someone else up and make their day!


Welcome Back!

I am so excited to start another amazing school year.  This year the guidance department will be posting character quotes daily on the morning announcements,  as well as character awards will be given during Student of the Month assemblies.  We also would like to welcome our new student council members:  Nicholas Dean, McKenna Smallwood, Natalie Hillman, Austin Dick, Aden Croley, Brianna McNeeley, Rachel Benoit, Stevo Mose
Evan Christman, Haylee Ashcraft, Allison Helferich, Lauren Mack
Brycen Lawson, Abbie McNeeley.  These members will begin in September having meetings during lunch and working on building character across the school.   

October Students of the Month

October Student of the Month will occur on Friday October 30, 2015

These students are as follows:
Lauren Mack and A.J. Prewitt from Mrs. Morman
Gabe Dooley and Anna Crabtree from Mrs. Kendall
Gracie Johnson and Hudson Ellen from Mrs. Johnson
Tyler Lucas and MzXyion Abbott from Mrs. Drees
Abby Funk and Austin Zugg from Ms. Docter
Gabriella Moore and Elisse Bryant from Mrs. Greenberg
Hailey Gibson and Brayden Dickason from Ms. Fischer
Madison Lengyel and Matthew Hittinger from Ammon
Maddox Newsome and Bailey Prewitt from Mrs. Brandon
Brianna McNeely-Mangus and Dylan Anderson from Mrs. Strausbaugh
Raelyn Christopher and Brennan Harris from Mrs. Phillips
Bradley Watkins and Olivia Hogue from Ms. Denney
Mackenzie Stapleton and Lindsey Kettering from Mrs. Hopkins
Mattheau Smith from Mr. Tilbury
Serenity Shawkey and Logan Redmon from Mrs. Riley
Sabrina Barnett and Chase Zengel from Mrs. Belliston
Zach Durham and Julia Beson from Mrs. Tunison
Brooklyn Winter and Carson Abner from Mrs. Amann
Olivia Hunley and Aiden Whitaker from Mrs. Dozier
Zach Morris and Hayli Hall from Mrs. Powell
Savannah Jordan and Cameron Botner from Mrs. Mentrup
Makenna Smallwood and Jaxson Litzau frpm Mrs. Fritz
Brayden Beckstedt and Montana Newberry from Mrs. Lay
Octavia Kelch aand Carson Hunley from Mrs. McClanahan
Jack Hinners and Libby Wittmeyer from Mrs. Nester
Mallory Trefzger and D.J. Carter from Mr. Hounshell
Marina Garr and Ethan Lengyel from Mrs. Alexander
Craig McKinney and Heidy Palofox-beccera from Mr. Williams

September Students of the Month

Congratulations to the following students!  They have earned Student of the Month for the month of September.
Kaleb Wall and Sabrina Sturgill - Mr. Hounshell
Logan Barnett and Brenna Ashley  - Mrs. Amman
Sarah Brock and Melanie Wolffram  - Mrs. Hopkins
Richard Ballou and Joey Rankin -  Mrs. Nester
Coebe Makstaller and Cody Behymer - Mrs. Tunison
Jared Jordan and McKenna Dickason  - Mrs. Kendall
Sylar Wainscott and Harmony Hicks   - Ms. Denney
Cohen Hamann and Allyra Spoerl  - Mrs. McClanahan
Julia Allgeyer and Nathan Paprocki  - Mrs. Alexander
Jackie Ellerman and Conner Berkebile -  Mrs Fischer
Leland Poore and Mya Goldick - Mrs. Greenberg
Grant Herndon and Hannah Laney - Mrs. Dozier
Jasmine Faulkner and Jack Moore - Mrs. Lay
Hallie McKinney and Tristan Guckenberger - Mrs. Fritz
Peyton Shafer and Evan Harris - Mrs. Ammon
Cheyann Marksberry and Dmitri Byrd - Mrs. Powell
Gisselle Espinosa-Ley and Jeremiah Greynolds - Mr. Williams
Blaca Palafox-Becerra and Thomas Shubert - Ms. Docter
Hunter Rqaines and Abby Willey - Mrs. Riley
Drew Muchmore and Natalee Hillman - Mrs. Morman
Logan Haley and Camryn Schmitt - Mrs. Belliston
Alexa Childress and Brady Crawford - Mrs. Phillips
Wyatt Roysdon and Angelea Dunaway - Mrs. Drees
Rylee Hammonds and Zake Adams - Mrs. Mentrup
Gracie Hampton and Ben Edwards - Mrs. Johnson
Allie Harville and Nicholas Dean - Mrs. Strausbaugh
Lexi Walter and Yemili Espinosa-Ley  _ mrs. Brandon