Laura Plagens » Articulation


Students who have articulation goals will be given homework on a weekly basis once they are able to perform the sounds taught in the speech room. I will not give homework for tasks they have not practiced in the speech room.
Homework will be given in a colorful folder that your child chooses. If they lose this folder, they will be given a plain pocket folder to replace the old one. Please keep track of the folder.

Students will need to say their homework in front of a responsible adult who can help them perform their target sounds correctly. The homework rarely has writing involved, so please do not turn it into a writing assignment. Please sign the homework after completed and put it back in the folder and encourage your child to return it to me on their speech day. Also, keep old homework in the folder so I won't give the same work twice. Students will earn stamps in their folder for completed homework, which will lead to incentives in the speech room.

Students who complete homework with a caring adult at home typically make progress faster and sound more mature. They are also very proud when they complete/return homework!