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Progressbook and Grading Policies

Grades will be updated weekly in Progressbook.  
Late Work:
All assignments are expected to be turned in on time.  If a your child does not finish his/her work in class, it is to be taken home to be completed.  Late work will result in a homework alert and must be made up during recess.  
Re-do Policy
My goal for each of my students is for them to master the curriculum and excel.  I want my students to analyze their mistakes and learn from them.  For this reason, I will encourage my students to  re-do assignments in which they received a D or F.  Students are responsible for redoing the assignments correctly and resubmitting them without prompting from me.   Corrected assignments will receive up to half credit.
When students are absent, they are given two days for each day they were out to make up the work missed.
Grading Scale:
90-100%= A
80-89% = B
70-79% = C
60-69% = D
0-59% = F